For the uninitiated a rendezvous with Riesling can be rather confusing to say the least – will it be bracingly dry, sumptuously sweet or somewhere in between?

This versatile variety can deliver amazing examples in all categories.

Our Riesling is for those with a little bit of a sweet tooth, however, the delicate honeyed flavours are balanced by succulent citrus characters.

Don’t be afraid to give this a go – it’s just plain delicious.

5 Star Rating from Sam Kim (senior NZ wine judge).



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The mineral rich gravels of the Terrace Edge vineyard produce amazing, organic Riesling grapes.  The fruit was harvested in May and had approximately 10% noble botrytis, which provides the rich, concentrated flavours we are looking for. The talented winemakers at Greystone gently pressed the fruit to tank and kept it cool to increase fruit vibrancy. Throughout the winemaking process much care was taken to retain some of the natural carbon dioxide to provide increased freshness. The fermentation was stopped at 45g/L residual sugar (medium-style).

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