We figure that if you’re on the ‘About Us’ page you’d want the low-down, not just one or two paragraphs. So get comfy and snuggle in, because below is the full account of how this all came to be…

Not so long ago…..
A tall, youngish farmer came home one night from his job tending grapes in the coolest little wine region (North Canterbury) and announced to his wife that the grape season was going exceptionally well and there would be surplus grapes to requirements. Spoiler alert: Little did he know that two cyclones were heading towards New Zealand and all surplus projections decreased dramatically – however at that point the idea was well rooted.

And that idea….
Somewhere on the drive between the vineyard and home, this tall farmer with curly blonde locks thought why not create a delicious wine and sell it for the NGO his wife worked for, which helps survivors of modern day slavery. 100% of the profits could go towards this important cause. This was an issue the couple cared deeply about, and the wife liked the idea very much. The husband suggested all manner of names, including ‘Hungover4acause’, however this was silenced when his wife suggested ‘27seconds’ because, as the wife explained – every 27 seconds, somewhere in the world, a person is sold or trafficked into slavery. 

It is such a horrific issue, one that many people think we left in the previous century, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are more people in slavery today than ever before – 21 million is the conservative estimate, while the Global Slavery Index suggests 45.8 million. Either way – 21 or 45.8 million – it’s far too many! It was an issue the couple had long thought demanded attention and a response. However, knowing how to respond was the difficult part.

The couple were fans of Mother Theresa and her saying “Never worry about the numbers. Help one person at a time”. So they set their minds to doing just that. Selling bottles of wine that would help one person at a time. They weren’t so sure Mother Theresa would be a fan of the wine concept – but they wanted to take what they knew and put it to good use.

Quite excited about the possibility of this wine raising some money for such an important cause, the couple put some feelers out to the wine community about helping them out. Now hang in there, keep reading –  we know ‘thank yous’ can be the most boring part of a speech. But this truly is one of those feel good stories that make you believe in the goodness of humanity….

Approaching friends in the wine industry, the couple were blown away by the generosity. Terrace Edge gave the grapes at an enormously discounted price, the harvester when asked if he’d harvest the grapes at a discount – came back and said ‘nah I’m doing this for free’. Then the good folks at Greystone heavily reduced their winemaking costs and the generosity ball just kept rolling on through…. the wine label was designed for free, the bottle price was halved, the bottle caps given for free, labels discounted, boxes given for free, the product shots done for free. LITERALLY, the entire process from grapes to bottled wine was all free or discounted. A-MAZING! (read more about these people)

There were moments in the process when the couple, mainly the wife, freaked out about what they were doing, unsure if they’d be able to pull it off. It was a big investment AND while they knew the wine would taste good (teaming up with award-winning wineries ensured this) they had made a lot of wine!  To make her rest easy, the curly-haired farmer would ask his wife, what’s the worst that could happen? If it didn’t work out, a few years would be added to their mortgage, their garage would be full of wine (making Christmas very easy for the foreseeable future) and perhaps a waste of effort and time. BUT, if they did pull it off the change that could occur in people’s lives would be all worth it. And with those thoughts, the couple would fall into a deep, peaceful sleep (well until their young baby woke up).

The idea which had started off as a passing thought snowballed into occupying their evenings,  conversations and bank accounts – essentially their lives. The couple had well and truly fallen in love with the idea of taking an everyday product  (okay semi everyday) like wine to empower New Zealanders to use it as a vehicle to fund change in modern day slavery. They only hoped that others would catch the vision too and use their buying choices to make life a bit better for others.

And that, our friends, is our story of who – how – and what we are. But it’s not just our story, it’s your story too.  Because it’s only together that we make an impact.

Thank you for finding us (and reading down to the final word).

Pete and Alanna