Harvest 2018

Yesterday was the last day of our harvest. Harvest for me (Alanna) is a love-hate relationship.

I love it because it’s always wonderful to see the grapes hanging on the vines after being tended to for so long.

Our wee toddler walks down the rows stuffing his mouth full. It’s a joy to watch, till you realize how much juice is on his clothes. 

Some good wine is coming up judging by the way the grapes were tasting. 

The hate side comes from the vulnerability you feel with the weather. Feeling like you could lose the crop depending on whether it rains or stays dry.

There was a week earlier in autumn where it rained 5 days straight. Luckily, the sunny days that autumn is known for came back and our grapes remained undamaged.

This year we picked Pinot Gris for the 27Seconds range. So you can look forward to trying that towards the end of the year.

We handpick our Pinot Noir, but the rest is machine harvested. We’ve found it makes no difference to the quality of the fruit or wine.

Again, we were blown away by the generosity of Omihi Contractors who harvested the grapes for us for free. It really is humbling seeing others use what they have to make a difference.

Recently I saw this item on my Facebook page.

It reminded me that this is why 27Seconds exists, because no child should have to work the way the boys are working.

It’s been so encouraging seeing people use their purchasing choices to make the world a little bit better.

Ka pai! Thank you.

Till the next blog!