to the folks along the supply chain who helped us out

It’s because of them that each bottle you buy is able to make a significant difference. Through their generosity they’ve made the world a little bit better for others

Grapes from Terrace Edge

Thanks Mum & Dad (aka Terrace Edge) for providing delicious organically-grown grapes at such a good price! We wouldn’t have been able to even dream of 27seconds if it wasn’t for your generosity.

 Harvesting from Omihi Creek

When we contacted Mark from Omihi Harvesting asking if he’d harvest at a discount, he rang us back and said “Nah – this one’s on me”. Mate, you embody a generous soul!

Winemaking from Greystone

Greystone – masters at creating freakishly good wine. These guys gave us a serious discount and are a big part of the reason why our bottles are able to make such a big impact. BIG thanks team.

Bottles from O-I

What’s wine without a bottle to drink it from? We’re not in the business of wine in cardboard boxes (yet). Jokes. Never. What’s more, these guys halved their bottle prices for us! Champions.

Caps from Guala Caps

Free. That’s a wonderful word eh? And that’s what Guala Caps said when we told them who we were doing this for. Many thanks for keeping our wine stay inside free of charge.

Boxes from Orora

You can score banana boxes free –  but not boxes like ours. However, Orora told us they’d like to gift their boxes to help make the world a bit better for some folks. Thanks guys.

Label Design by Port Edison

We love our labels. We’re super proud of them. We think they are the best. We show off about them. And that’s okay, because we didn’t design them ourselves. Our mate Piet did it for free and we think he did a great job. Thanks mate.

Labels by Label & Litho

We raided Bunning’s paint swatches trying to find the right colour combos. That’s until Label & Litho gave us a Pantone colour chart. And paper samples. And advice on what works best. And ran our labels through the printers again to get the dots just right. And all at a discounted price. Cheers!


Bottle Shots by Digital Focus

We wanted no one but Nick to take our bottle shots, for the simple fact that you won’t find a better person to do the job. And when we told him about where the profits were going to – he told us he wanted to do it free. Thanks Nick – you’re the best.